The Mongolians or also known as Mongols are people from the central and northern area of China. They are known for being nomadic and leaving in pastures wearing fur clothing, raising livestock and living in felt tents. A boy name Temujin took action and rose to power as the Mongol leader.  Mongols took control of almost all of Asia and parts of Europe by riding on horses and shooting arrows. Genghis Khan was the first ruler of Mongolia which led the mongols to conquer the majority of Asia and parts of Europe. After his death in 1227, the areas were separated into four independent sections: the Golden Horde in the area of Russia, the Il-khanate in the area of Persia, the Chaghadai Khanate in Central Asia and the Yuan Dynasty in East Asia. These regions were led by his grandsons. The Mongolian Empire was constantly being rebelled by the native country, even though the mongols had a very strong army, they were not politically intact and the the areas were just to large to rule and manage. After the fall of the Yuan Dynasty in China in 1368, the reign of the Mongolians finally ended.


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